Computing Help

This page offers links to the answers to many frequently asked computing questions.

How do I get my passwords to my Raven, MCS (Managed Cluster Service – i.e. University or College computers) and Hermes (Cam email) accounts?

If you have already started at Cambridge, you can retrieve your passwords here. If you are due to start soon, you can get limited access to some services from around the August before you start, see here.

How do I set up Hermes emails on my desktop, laptop, smart phone, tablet, etc.?

For laptops, desktops, etc. see this page, choose from the list of devices on the left hand side.

For mobile devices, see this page, and choose from the list of devices on the left hand side.

How do I set up Eduroam on my [insert list of devices]?

Find the relevant instructions near the bottom of this page.

Am I allowed a WiFi router in my room?

King’s have recently reversed their position on this; now that WiFi (via Eduroam) is available in nearly all accommodation, they would prefer if people didn’t use their own WiFi unless absolutely necessary (for example, if you want to do wireless printing, wireless backup, or can’t get a decent signal with Eduroam. However, if that last one is the case, please let them know). The King’s WiFi system is clever and works together to stop interference, so the less people using their own WiFi, the better reception should be for everyone.

How do I set up a WiFi router in my room?

You can find some helpful guidelines on the type of router to get and how to set it up here.

What can I use the KCSU Info email list for?

I’m glad you asked; the guidelines for KCSU Info email can be found here.

I still need help!

Not really a question, but if you still aren’t sure of something, please contact the King’s Computer Officer or at 31423.