CUSU is the university-wide student’s union. Every Cambridge University student is automatically a member of CUSU. It exists to represent all students on a variety of cross-college issues. Additionally, CUSU plays a major role in Cambridge access initiatives. It operates on a federal basis and includes individual colleges’ student unions, representatives from each faculty and a number of autonomous campaigns.  The sabbatical team, or ‘Sabbs’ as they are known, are the elected heads of Cambridge University Students’ Union – voted in by students to represent them the university, the government and beyond. Get in touch with them here.

You can find the CUSU office on the Mill Lane lecture site.


CUSU Council

CUSU Council is the governing body to which the CUSU Executive reports and is held to account by. The Council oversees CUSU’s decision-making and policy-setting, and receives termly reports on CUSU activities. Any student can attend CUSU Council, propose motions and amendments and participate in debates. Find out more here.

The KCSU President and Vice President attend CUSU Council and vote on behalf of King’s undergrads. We are keen to ensure that we are properly representing the student body and will be sending out regular questionnaires and updates about our work with CUSU.


Autonomous Campaigns

The Women’s Campaign – supports and represents all women and non-binary students at Cambridge.

CUSU LGBT+ – CUSU’s organisation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans + students.

CUSU BME – CUSU’s Black & Minority Ethnic campaign.

Disabled Student’s Campaign – The DSC is the organised voice of disabled students in Cambridge University.

iCUSU – The umbrella body for all international societies and students in Cambridge University.



  • The Student Advice Service offers free, confidential and independent support to all Cambridge University students.
  • Academic resources and support available to students.
  • Sexual health supplies – provided by CUSU for free.
  • The CUSU Print Shop offers cheap self-service printing, binding, laminating, copying and scanning within the University of Cambridge.
  • CUSU Mail Service – a free service set up by CUSU to allow students and societies to send mail between colleges.
  • NUS Extra Card (note: most places will accept your university card so only buy this if you think you really need it).