Sports & Societies

At King’s, you are blessed with a load of great societies to get involved in as well as some highly competitive sport teams that represent us across the university. There is the chance to get involved in anything you think looks interesting – all the teams and societies are very welcoming to new members. In particular, college sport is a low-pressure way to play – or try out something new! You’ll get a weekly roundup email of the college sporting action from the SSF Officer.

If you’re looking for something specific, check out the University-wide societies too. Freshers can find out more about all these sports and societies at the College and University Freshers’ Fairs each October!

Think something’s missing? You can always set up your own society or sports team! KCSU has funding to support new college sports and societies – in fact many of the existing ones were only recently created. For information about sports and societies funding, look at the key points on the KCSU intranet or find a more detailed explainer on the sports and societies funding page.

You can get in touch with Bethan, the SSF officer, at or through the anonymous form

This page is currently being updated – any information in red may be out of date, but will be fixed soon!



Apiculture (KCAS) – We currently have one hive on Scholar’s Piece, which we tend to on a weekly or bi-weekly basis over the late-Spring to late-Autumn season. As well as providing a means to attend the approved Cambridgeshire Beekeepers’ Association training for those with a committed involvement with the hive, we take students and fellows who express an interest to visit the hive, both from King’s and across the university. We also hold talks and events on bees and beekeeping. Our aim is to raise awareness of the integral environmental importance of bees, and encourage other colleges across the university to create hives of their own.

Contact – Maddie Geddes-Barton (mlg42)  


Art Room Society – The Art Room has a long history at King’s – Anthony Gormley used the art room regularly whilst here at Cambridge! A few years ago, King’s College appointed an Art Teacher, Nigel Meager. Nigel runs Saturday workshops and offers advice to students on improving technique. The Society aims to get people interested in using the Art Room. We run casual Art Room session on Monday evenings, for students to take a break from work and be able to use the Art Room when they know other people will be there – drawing can be a great way of de-stressing!

We are organising regular sessions of life drawing and etching, and social events for members to get to know each other and trips to galleries. Finally, we are planning ‘Art Room Society Exhibition’ where any student can submit a piece of work to be put on display in the art room regardless of their level. This will be especially good for students who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to have their work shown or don’t have enough time to create a whole exhibition’s worth of art!

Contact –  Sophie Becker (sb2170)


Christian Union – King’s Christian Union hosts a weekly bible study and a weekly prayer meeting during term time. We also run wider-college events throughout the year, such as Text a Toastie and Parachute Games in the summer, as well as the Church Search Breakfasts at the start of the year, to help new students settle into a local church in Cambridge.

Contact – James Lilley (jal218)


Darkroom Society (KCDR) – For those interested in black and white film photography, King’s College Dark Room society runs a fully equipped underground dark room which is accessible to all students of King’s. The society provides a tutorial for all new inductees. We expect no familiarity whatsoever with darkroom processing technique and unexperienced people will not find themselves out of place.

The society provides all equipment required for the entire process apart from a camera and a film roll free of charge to its members – this includes high quality enlargers, a range of papers, toners, and editing equipment. The low cost of good film cameras available in second hand market and the high quality of processing equipment provided by the KCDR for free makes professional level photography accessible at a very low price and makes this a very good entry point for student photographers.

Contact – Maria Iossifiduo (mi326)


Electronic Music Society –  Have you ever wanted to try DJing but never had the chance? Do you enjoy electronic music and want to have a go yourself? EMS is a new society for people who enjoy electronic music in one or many of its forms and want to learn how to be a DJ. We have a unique opportunity to do so at King’s because of the amazing space that is the Bunker! We’re open to all levels of ability and all hardware is provided. We run inductions for use of the Bunker and DJing basics. Once you are comfortable with using the hardware, you will be allowed to use the Bunker whenever you want for practising. However, private parties are strictly forbidden!

Contact – Hans Verschueren (hv256)


Feminist Society – Set up in 2015 by the KCSU Ethnic Minorities and Women’s Officers, King’s FemSoc holds regular talks and discussions on a variety of topics. Events are open to all genders unless otherwise noted. More information about the society and each event can be found on our Facebook page!

Contact – Tega Akati-Udi (ooa30) and Martha Mitchell (mg822)


Film Society – Runs film screenings and organises cinema trips and film events.

Contact – Stephanie McMorran (sjhm3) and Nina Grossfurthner (ng398) 


King’s Politics – King’s Politics aims to be the hub of political discussion and debate in Cambridge, and maintains the tradition of politics at King’s. We bring politicians, writers, academics and other public figures together to discuss with students the most pressing political issues of the day. We allow students to engage in highly important political issues and the figures that shape our lives. We have held some of the most prominent politicians, academics, activists and journalists in the country including Peter Hitchens, Lindsey German, Lord Skideslky, Baron Rees and Roberto Unger. We hope you’ll join us to engage in our lively, and always free, debates.

Contact – Nandini Mitra (nm607) and Olivia Crabtree (oec23)


Music Society (KCMS) – King’s College Music Society is one of the most vibrant and high-profile music societies in Cambridge. King’s students cover a huge range of music each year, organising large-scale orchestral concerts each term, held in the stunning, world-famous Chapel, as well as quirky and intimate concerts in the Provost’s drawing room.

Contact – Tara Hill (th503)


King’s Voices – King’s Voices is the College’s mixed-voice choir. The group sings Evensong in the Chapel on Mondays, and puts on two major concerts sponsored by King’s College Musical Society (KCMS), guest appearances in Ely Cathedral and elsewhere, performances at College dinners, etc. Each year there’s a King’s Voices tour, usually in the Easter vacation. As well as singing together, the choir is outgoing and sociable as a group. Rehearsals and Evensong are usually followed by a drink in the bar and at least once a term there is a dinner party.


Sign Language – Holds regular classes for anyone who wishes to learn!

Contact – Fiona Paradzai (fp338)


There are also a number of subject-specific societies, such as Law, Maths, History, Biology, and Philosophy, that hold socials for students of those subjects, and/or talks and discussions open to everyone.



Badminton –  Kings Badminton is small club, playing what is best descibed as “social badminton”. We aim to provide access to badminton facilities for those with no experience, those who have played competitively before at county level and beyond. Come along and play doubles with everyone on the night, meet some new people, and have some fun whilst doing it! There’s absolutely no experience required to come along, we provide racquets, shuttles and everything needed. If you have your own stuff and want to bring it, that’s perfectly fine too! The courts are quite far away sadly, but fear not! We arrange a walking group and a cycling group for the first few weeks to help everyone get there.

Contact – Paul Vallis (pv291) and Toby Baker (tmb65)


Basketball – The King’s women’s team is combined with the Newnham team, and gets together to play matches on Saturdays against other colleges. The King’s men’s team plays against other college in the men’s league. All members of King’s are encouraged to come along, even if you have no prior experience in basketball at all!

ContactLizzie Good (efg25) and Josh Guha (ag882)


Boat Club (KCBC) – King’s College Boat Club (KCBC) is one of the largest sports clubs in the College. There are several crews competing at different levels and beginners are very warmly welcomed. Many people start as novice rowers in Michaelmas; the technique is not too difficult to pick up, and learning to row can be a lot of fun as well as great exercise. The Fairbairns race (at the end of Michaelmas) and the Bumps (end of Lent and Easter) are brilliant fun, and there’s always Bumps Dinner to look forward to after four days of Bumps. As well as rowing, the Boat Club organises social events, and there are trips away from Cambridge for races for those who are keen. Rowing in Cambridge is just about the cheapest and easiest way to get into the sport.

Contact –  Rebekka Thur (zrnt2) and Jacob Toop-Rose (jt577)


Cricket (KCCC) – KCCC is a fairly new society, but we attract a wide range of students – a lot of people come to King”s having played at school and are keen to take it up again. Many haven’t played since GCSE years, while a large number are looking to take it up from scratch. KCCC suits people of mixed ability because we train in nets; novices do not have to face fast bowlers until they are confident to do so, and so they have control over their game. KCCC also enjoys competing in matches against other colleges over the summer term.

Contact – Joel Bradbury (jb988)


Croquet – King’s Croquet is only a few years old, but have already shown ourselves to be an extraordinarily successful Society. In our first year, we fielded the most teams in Cuppers of any College and had our Men’s 1st IV (M1) progress to the quarter-finals. Our following years also saw a strong turnout. We anticipate fielding the maximum number of teams for the coming year and set our base target at a quarter-final with our stretch target being a semi-final berth. We are also a social Society that believes strongly in the importance of croquet as Easter Term recreation for stressed undergraduates/graduates/academics in College and we therefore wish to emphasise this role!

Contact – Paul Vallis (pv291)


Football – College league football at King’s is divided into men’s and women’s teams. KCFC competes in the men’s league while King’s Women have joined up with John’s – a great way to meet and play with people from another college!  In addition, all are welcome to take part in the casual kick-abouts organised in the Facebook group.

Contact – Cora Cunningham (cpc42) or Andy Daley (ad796)


Hockey – King’s recently established hockey team is open to everyone, no matter their experience. We play as a mixed team in the college league and in “cuppers”, the knock-out tournament. We’re small but friendly and fast-growing. Anyone can join in with training and taking part in games, whether you’ve played competitively or not at all. All equipment, techniques and training are provided – plus we put on regular socials. Every year we also compete in the Summer Sixes tournament in May Week!

Contact – Bethan Clark (blc35) and Matthew Else (me390)


Lacrosse – King’s Lacrosse is now in its fifth year – these past four years have seen our promotion from the third to first division, finishing with winning the first division both terms this last year! King’s have been successful in cuppers and several players have gone on to represent the university after first learning the sport in King’s. The team contains members from all year groups, as well as graduate students. Lots of our players join us having never played the sport before – it’s easy to pick up!

Contact – Tom Fielden (thrf2)


Mountaineering and Kayaking Association (KMKA)King’s Mountaineering and Kayaking Association is the sports club for all things outdoor; we climb, kayak, hike, camp, abseil and canoe. From weekly climbing sessions at the Kelsey Kerridge sports centre to the weekly morning kayak paddle, KMKA has you covered. Once you’ve received a kayaking induction from the KMKA committee (run during fresher’s week), you can take out a kayak or canoe for free. There’s also an annual trip away for a week of camping, kayaking and hiking.

Contact – Bjoern Soergel (bs538)


Netball – King’s Netball plays league matches each weekend for both the Mixed League and Ladies League, and enters a cuppers tournament in Lent term for both teams. The society is made up of team members from all years and subjects across college.

Contact – Anya Davidson (ad804) and Lauren Rodney (lelr2)


Rugby – King’s is part of a joint men’s rugby team with Clare and Corpus Christi, collectively named CCK – famous for excellent socials and semi-regular tours. There is also a women’s college league: although King’s does not currently have a team you can play with one of the colleges that has already entered, or set up your own! In Easter term King’s takes part in mixed touch rugby. These are informal games every week, well-known for being great fun and a good break from exam revision!

Contact – Andy Daley (ad796)


Squash – King’s College has a thriving squash community open to all. We have free access to arguably the best courts in Cambridge, located centrally next to the UL, just out the back of King’s. We provide racquets and balls so that anyone can come down and play squash. Squash is a fantastic sport, providing both excellent stress relief from work and also much needed exercise (regularly voted the world’s healthiest sport). There are 2 competitive teams who play in the college leagues consisting of undergrads, grads and fellows, meaning there is a diverse range of players and an opportunity for people to get to know other members of the college. Those who don’t wish to play competitively can come down to club night (hosted weekly) or book a court for themselves and a friend to come down and play at any time. There are at least 50 players who play regularly and a whole range of abilities!

Contact – Abdulla Zaman (aqmsz2)


Table Tennis – There is a table in College that is free for students to use, and this society aims to help everyone make the most of it!

Contact  – Julia Bibik (yb259)


Tennis – For the last two years, we have competed quite successfully in the college cuppers. Last season we reached the semi-final in cuppers and ended the league at the end of our division – a result we of course hope to improve this year!

Contact – Aditya Munot (am2495)


Yoga – Twice a week in term King’s hosts yoga classes by local yoga teachers. Perfect for stress-relief and exercise!


There are also opportunities to represent King’s by competing against other colleges in a variety of sports for which there aren’t specific college teams. These include cross-country, athletics, swimming, cycling, skiing and pool: usually the university teams host a “cuppers” tournament which you can enter for King’s. Information about these comes out during each year.



Cambridge-wide societies

There are also, of course, hundreds of university sports and societies you can get involved in, and they’re all listed on the CUSU Directory! More unusual sports can often be found at university level as well as those commonly represented in the colleges, which tend to be more competitive at university level. University socieities are wide-ranging and it’s well worth taking a look at the directory to have a look at the variety on offer.