Ethnic Minorities

Welcome to the Ethnic Minorities page for KCSU! I’m Husna Ara, your KCSU Ethnic Minorities Officer for 2015.

This year, my agenda is to encourage awareness and provoke thought regarding the systemic disadvantages that exist in society due to racial factors. This will of course mean, organising and sustaining platforms that encourage a critical understanding of how race affects our day to day lives and beyond, whether through sending out bulletins for significant events in and around the area or setting up discussion forums. If you have any additional ideas for events, forums and/or programmes that could be set up, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Exciting events that are coming up include:

  • The Annual BME dinner at King’s (31/10/15)
  • Discussion groups (TBC)
  • Film Screenings (TBC)


Networks and Societies

In the meantime, here are a list of networks and societies you may be interested in. Not all of these are strictly political, though I’ve included a short summary of their respective purposes. Most of these can be found as Facebook groups or pages.

  • Fly: Cambridge’s Women of Colour network, they meet once a week to discuss anything to do with being non-white (and more, a very good social sphere) in a coffee-shop: casual, friendly and supportive. They also have a widely read blog you can check out here, and they have created a BME women’s freshers guide accessible here.
  • Soar: Cambridge’s Men of Colour discussion group, same goes for the men.
  • African-Carribean Society
  • CU Middle East Society
  • CU Palestinian Society
  • Decolonising The Mind Society
  • Jewish Society (JSOC)
  • CU Kurdish Society
  • CU India Society
  • CU Pakistan Society
  • CU Islamic Society
  • CU Sikh Society
  • CU Hindhu Society
  • Corpus Ethnicity Discussion Group
  • CU Arab Society


Here’s list of high-profile blogs and websites to keep us all informed (if I haven’t yet included a link for some of these do feel free to search for them on Facebook):

  • Fly
  • No Fly on the Wall
  • Al Jazeera
  • Black on the Map
  • Black Ballad
  • Ain’t I A Woman Collective
  • Decoloniality London
  • Decolonising The Mind Society
  • Black Women’s Forum UK
  • Black Cultural Archives
  • Rhodes Must Fall Oxford
  • Sisters Uncut
  • Sorryyoufeeluncomfortable
  • Writers of Colour
  • Brown Girls Fly
  • Black Girl Dangerous
  • Darkmatter
  • Consented